This page will feature event listings for which we have received information; a dedicated form will shortly be available for this, but in the meantime, please submit any event information to us using the contact page.


A Special Issue in the Implicit Religion journal – VOL 22, NO 3-4 (2019), 20 years after the publication of Tim Fitzgerald’s The Ideology of Religious Studies.


May 2019: One-day workshop at Pembroke College, University of Oxford, on “Religion as a Changing Category of Muslim Practice”. See calls for papers.


August 2015: Religion at Stirling under threat

December 2015: Translating Christianities Colloquium

September 2015: Rethinking Boundaries in the study of religion and politics


October 2014: Education or indoctrination: the future role of religion in Scotland’s schools.

May 2014: (Mis-)Representing Cultures and Objects.

May 2014: Critical Approaches to the Study of Religion.


13. December 2013: conference on Maurice Blanchot at the University of Stirling.


On 31. August the BBC broadcast a programme about the Church of Scotland, which featured Michael Marten speaking about the wider contextual framing of the issues involved.

On the 9. August Michael Marten is participated in an event at the Edinburgh Festival of Spirituality and Peace.

Also in August 2012, Andrew Hass appeared on a BBC progamme on universities, arising from his first few blog postings here.  Full details will be made available as soon as we have them.

April 2012 – Prof. Naomi Goldenberg visited the UK; details of her programme are available here.

April 2012 – Dr Seija Jalagin, University of Oulu, Finland, presented a paper in Stirling entitled ‘A Transnational Love-story: Contesting Gender and Ethnicity in Finnish Mission to Early 20th-Century Japan’.  Full details are here.


2 March 2011 – Stirling University postgraduate student enquiry conference.