May 2014: Critical Approaches to the Study of Religion

Critical Approaches to the Study of Religion, Uppsala

Modern Government, Sovereignty and the Category of Religion

This conference gathers world leading scholars in the field of Critical Religion Theory. During the conference these scholars will critically examine how the very idea that religion is something that can be set apart from other societal spheres like economics and culture has influenced/affected modern goverance and the exercise of sovereign power.

The topics covered vary from contemporary relations between French Muslim communities and the French state, recent developments on the Indian political scene, the effects of the importation of the category of religion in 19th century Japan, feminist spiriturality and the governing of the self, the Israel-Palestine conflict seen from a new perspective, the myth of secular political economy, and much more.

During the conference two leading networks in critical approaches on religion and secularism will also engage in a debate on the premises for studying religion and secualrism. The networks are the Critical Religion Association (UK) and the Non-Religion and Secularity Network (Germany and UK).

This is organised by Per-Erik Nilsson, of the Uppsala Religion and Society Research Centre.  The programme is available here.

The main funder is Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, gratefully acknowledged for key support.