Here are links to other projects that connect to similar issues to Critical Religion.  Given the significance of Stirling for the development of ideas around Critical Religion, the first links are to Stirling-related projects.  Other significant projects in related fields are then listed below that.

At Stirling…

Critical Religion Category Network – a network dedicated to studying the religion-secular binary

Literature and Theology: An International Journal of Religion, Theory and Culture – General Editor: Andrew Hass, Book Review Editor: Alison Jasper

Translating Christianities – a research group organising regular workshops and occasional publications

Society for Interpreting Religion – regular meetings by Religion students at Stirling

Crossing Cultures – a research group that touches on issues related especially to the postcolonial interests in the Critical Religion Research Group

Beyond Stirling…

The Center for Critical Research on Religion – A Center that “facilitates the exchange of information and ideas between those who engage in a critical approach to the understanding of religion.” The Center publishes the journal Critical Research on Religion with SAGE Publications (

Literature and Theology: An International Journal of Religion, Theory and Culture – A scholarly published by Oxford University Press

Christians in the Middle East – an international research network, based at Stirling, but run by scholars in Stirling and beyond

Ekklesia – our publishing partner; Britain’s most significant thinktank on religion

International Society for Religion, Literature and Culture – scholarly society linked to Literature and Theology

Religious-Secular Distinctions – a discussion group for questions related to questions about distinguishing the religious from the secular

Religious Studies Project – a collection of podcasts and articles representing a wide range of perspectives on the question of ‘religion’ (some of which are with and by people associated with us)

Critical Theory of Religion – a site discussing a variety of approaches to the critical study of religion