The Critical Religion Association is an international scholarly association working on questions of ‘religion’ and related categories.

In terms of organisation, the CRA is a partnership of academics at the University of Stirling in Scotland.  The core group consists of four people – Timothy Fitzgerald, Andrew Hass, Alison Jasper, Michael Marten – who are responsible for running the website and the Association’s activities, drawing for day-to-day advice and engagement on immediate colleagues (Sabine Dedenbach Salazar-Sáenz, John I’Anson, Richard Roberts).

The website and the blog are edited on a day-to-day basis by Michael Marten, to whom all general enquiries should be directed in the first instance.

Scholars working in the field of Critical Religion are most welcome to apply to be included on this website.  At the present time there is no fee payable for inclusion: the sole criteria for appearing on the website are:

  1. explicit engagement with our themes as outlined here;
  2. a commitment to write at least two blog postings each year that develop thinking on these themes; these are subject to peer-review/editing.  In submitting blog postings, permission is automatically given to our partner, Ekklesia, to repost these texts on their website at no charge (note that Ekklesia identifies each posting by author as well as making the connection to the Critical Religion Association clear). Each new posting is automatically distributed via our mailing lists (300), Twitter (350) and Facebook (170) accounts, before it is picked up by Ekklesia, which has a readership in the thousands (these figures as of November 2013).

We warmly welcome scholars from all kinds of disciplines, and if you are interested in being included here, we ask that you send us:

  1. a short CV/publications list, perhaps highlighting engagement with the themes we have outlined (some people also include a small photo of themselves); and
  2. a text for an initial blog posting that addresses aspects of the themes outlined on our What is Critical Religion? page (suggested length: no more than 700-1000 words).

These will be circulated to the core group of Stirling scholars who will make decisions on a case-by-case basis; we will get back to you as soon as we can on this.  Please note that inclusion on the site does not signify any kind of membership, decision-making or representative function, but you are, of course, very welcome to include your activities in the CRA on your CV etc.  To email a request for inclusion on the site, please

A note on Copyright and Funding

Please note that we seek to respect copyright in all we do.  Everything on the site is copyright to the individual authors (see the footer on each page), but if you suspect any kind of copyright infringement, please contact us as soon as possible.

Please note that we are not a funding body and are unable to respond to requests for financial assistance or donations of publications etc.


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